The Dread Champions | September 24th, 2020

The Dread Champions | September 24th, 2020

The Dread Champions | September 24th, 2020

In early August, I had a prophetic dream one night where God revealed to me two of what He called His “dread champions” in America. (Jeremiah 20) Both of them had formerly ran for political office and lost, but are now stepping into this unique prophetic anointing God has given them for this generation. Their notoriety has exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic because God has chosen them to help lead the body of Christ into a new era.

The first dread champion God showed me in the dream was Sean Feucht. He is walking in the mantle of Keith Green. Thousands are gathering in the streets all over America as a fresh “Jesus People” movement is emerging. Darkness is being confronted in various regions of the USA and praise and worship is erupting from saints and leaders. I saw white tents in open fields all over America and I saw the White House in Washington D.C. gathering thousands. God will have the final say in 2020 in the USA. Sean has been called to pioneer a new worship movement in America and God is just getting started with him. Keep your eyes on this dread champion!

The second dread champion God showed me in the dream was Bevelyn Beatty (see the picture). She has been called to pioneer a new justice movement in America that involves the shedding of innocent blood, radical and bold evangelism, exposing the truth about racism, and the exploitation of children involved in sex trafficking. There is holy confrontation from Above that has marked her life and calling.

I was invited to a meeting last night by Papa Ché Ahn in Philadelphia where she was speaking. I knew my assignment was to wash the feet of Bevelyn and anoint her head with oil. I was to prophetically announce her as one of God’s dread champions in the earth. Bevelyn is raw, unfiltered, and as passionate about the truth of the gospel as anyone you will ever encounter.

As God raises up these dread champions and many others for a new era, remember the power that true spiritual fathers are called to play in the lives of pioneers and leaders. Papa Che' Ahn is an apostolic forerunner and prophetic word to the Lord to many mothers and fathers in America. We must learn how to run together in wisdom and zeal in the days ahead.

My advice to those who recognize we are entering into a new era in the body of Christ is to embrace the fact that we can never go back to business as usual in the Church again. This is not a revelation that says, "let's hold on until 2021 so we can get the ministry mill up and running again after the elections." If you have grown up in the church or been a part of the institution for any number of years, may I challenge and encourage you to begin to shift your paradigm concerning what God is going to do in this generation? COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the Church forever and it has been totally necessary!

Much of what God is about to breathe on in the next decade in the global Church will involve outdoor worship gatherings, house to house meetings where deep relationship and the priesthood of all believers will be restored, holy confrontation in the streets regarding the gospel, abortion clinics, and rescuing trafficked children. Our misguided focus on “buildings” in America will simply not prepare us to align with this fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is going to be messy and filled with glory. The dread champions and those who follow them will not be polished and will thrive on that which is spontaneous, unconventional, and Spirit led. Religious devils are going to be agitated left and right.

I am NOT saying that gathering corporately in a church building is not necessary. I myself will continue to gather corporately with other believers in community and with accountability. However, we need to seriously recognize that cities, neighborhoods, and regions are going to be given over to saints and leaders who love the spontaneous, flexible, and organic nature of God in this generation. The sons and daughters are going to run with the mothers and fathers.

With glorious expectation,

Jeremiah Johnson