Leviathan and Broken Kingdom Marriages | October 11th, 2020

Leviathan and Broken Kingdom Marriages | October 11th, 2020

Prophetic Dream on 10/11/20 Concerning Leviathan

“The spirit of leviathan visited me last night in my sleep and manifested itself as a “marriage covenant breaking” spirit. I specifically began to confront and wrestle with it in Miami, FL where it had a stronghold and then Texas, and somewhere in the Midwest. It was pointing a large finger at a woman calling her a Jezebel but was actually blinded by a delusional spirit of pride and lust for mammon.

This leviathan spirit revealed to me that it has several special assigments before 2020 is over to break covenant marriage among key leaders in the body of Christ. It will manifest as pride and a love of money that will falsely accuse a spouse of operating in a Jezebel spirit.

Intercessors and prophets- When I inquired of the Lord if we have authority to break its grip, He said, “yes” and that this spirit was specifically assigned to take out several key apostles before 2020 is over. We must pray for humility and a spirit of repentance to grip marriages. Let’s stand on guard and in agreement to cancel these demonic assignments in Jesus name.”

-Jeremiah Johnson