2020 Prophetic Timeline | April 6, 2020

2020 Prophetic Timeline | April 6, 2020

2020 Prophetic Timeline | April 6, 2020

We all learned the three R’s in elementary school. Recently, the Holy Spirit taught me three spiritually significant R’s concerning the calendar for 2020. I shared my prophetic dream on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural on April 6, 2020.

I share the prophetic calendar with you in hopes it will provide guidance as you follow the Spirit of God:

—The first four months of 2020 (January-April):

Repentance: deep sorrow and contrition for sin.

—The second four months of 2020 (May-August):

Recovery: to return to a state of health, mind and strength.

—The last four months of 2020 (September-December):

Recompense: compensation or reward for loss or suffering.

The following are 10 prayerful observations I have made:

  • I believe the above timeline God recently showed me with the three R’s will mark much of what we will see take place in the United States in 2020.
  • I believe the COVID-19 death count being projected by the medical community simply does not add up. It is inflated and has a fear mongering agenda that we must refuse to submit to. Yes, people are dying and we need to take this seriously, but there is a narrative at play here. See more below!
  • I believe the medical community is intentionally adding numbers to the death count prediction to make themselves not look so “off.” (There is more exposure and evidence coming here to prove this.)
  • I believe the lockdowns will not hold in many states as the curve is already flattening and in some places was just inaccurate. The spirit of fear and a liberal agenda will try to stretch out the lockdowns as long as possible in order to crash the economy and make Trump look bad. Depending on which state you live in, the agenda there will determine how long you are in lockdown. Do not be surprised by April 30 and shortly thereafter that large parts of the economy are back up and running. Do not be surprised that in some states where and if the lockdowns are extended that rioting and looting take place.
  • I believe Donald Trump felt it necessary to partner with the medical community and their false projections knowing and believing that he would come out of this pandemic looking like a war hero. I don’t think he ever truly believed that hundreds of thousands of Americans would die due to COVID-19 nor would we be on lockdown for months. He did what he had to and if the timeline God showed me is accurate, I would predict going into the 2020 reelection that with the economy booming and numbers soaring he will win by a landslide.
  • I believe and have given numerous prophetic warnings concerning Donald Trump that some of the great dangers moving forward is pride and arrogance. God has raised him up and anointed him for such a time as this, but he must remember who it is who put breath in his lungs!
  • I believe Donald Trump and many nations are going to turn on China in the months ahead. There will be bombshell reports and exposure that will cause an uproar heard around the nations. Trump is going to strike deals and build bridges never thought possible in the history of America.
  • I do not believe that mandatory vaccinations and microchips are coming in the near future. While there has been quite a bit of prophetic exposure and narratives swirling around, I’m convinced this one is more conspiracy theory rather than accurate prophetic prediction.
  • I believe that God has not forgotten about the children—both those aborted in the womb and those being sex-trafficked. The invitation still sits upon heaven’s altar for a generation to rise up and see abortion outlawed and the sex slave trade industry destroyed.
  • I believe that a majority of the mainstream global church will return back to “normal” as in the days of Noah. However, God is looking for a remnant to build “arks of His presence” in preparation for future shaking. Noah took care of his “household” and God is looking for churches and ministries to focus on healthy marriage and family like never before. Living rooms and dining room tables will be some of the primarily vehicles God uses for His glory in the last days.