Supernaturally called from his mother's womb and raised in a spirit filled home, Jeremiah Johnson has had the privilege of walking in a strong prophetic anointing since he was a little boy. Dreams and visions began to flood his life at nine years old and he has been fathered in the things of God ever since. Growing up as a pastor's son gave him a tremendous love for the people of God and a unique opportunity to express his gifts. In 2010, Jeremiah and his wife graduated from Southeastern University with bachelor's degrees in "Church Ministries" and planted Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, FL out of their living room.

In the years that followed, hundreds of saints and an incredible leadership team gathered to marry the Word of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit. In 2016, HOTFM purchased a million dollar facility off Bartow Highway that is now home to an incredible family of believers. In 2018, Jeremiah also commissioned a core team of leaders and saints to plant a second Heart of the Father Ministry campus in Winter Haven, FL. God has blessed these two communities with a deep love and passion for God's Word and His people.

In 2020, after having planted, fathered, and raised up many qualified leaders and saints for a decade, Jeremiah and his family transitioned to Charlotte, NC where they now reside and oversee "Jeremiah Johnson Ministries" with their staff. Jeremiah still remains in close covenant friendship with both church campuses and leadership teams in Florida.

Please visit the "Altar Page" page here on the website to discover what God is now inviting Jeremiah into in Charlotte! 

Along with pioneering on a local level since 2010, Jeremiah has also had the privilege of preaching in more than 40 states and 20 foreign nations. He has been interviewed on many popular television stations such as: Daystar, TBN, GodTv, Sid Roth: It’s Supernatural, and the 700 club. He is also a Best-Selling author of multiple books that can be purchased in bookstores around the world as well as our website. To invite Jeremiah to speak at your church or conference, please visit the booking page.